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So why use a charter broker?


Free report!!! Sea versus land 5 things you must know to plan your trip.A broker represents various bareboat companies and crewed yachts. Some boats are new, some are older ranging in price and standard. The reputable broker only cares about finding the yacht that suits you best – and goes shopping between the different companies on your behalf. It does not matter to the broker which one you choose, as long as you get what you have been promised. Your satisfaction is the most important. It does not cost you anything to use a charter broker, but can save you both money and grief…..


Amazing Charters is created and run by Ulla Gotfredsen, who was born and raised in Denmark. While living there she traveled to the Mediterranean from Turkey to Gibraltar and after cruising for 7 years she also knows the Caribbean better than most.


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“Running away to sea in 1994 I sailed across the Atlantic on a 28′ sailboat. The next 7 years were spent cruising the Caribbean from Trinidad to Panama and from Florida to Venezuela until I settled in the British Virgin Islands in 2002. I have seen most of the Caribbean and some of the most beautiful places in the world, but nothing compares to the magic of the BVI! This is the ideal place to charter a yacht, crewed, or bareboat.”


Ulla Gotfredsen

Founder and CEO Ulla Gotfredsen

“Ulla obviously knows boats very well, having worked on charter boats as Chef, 1st mate, and captain. She knows the industry intimately and few things escape her knowing eye. Ulla has spent thousands of hours checking the yachts and interviewing the crews, which is only possible because she was based in the area for 27 years.


Ulla still does a lot of sailing and being part of the local boating scene means that she is plugged into the “coconut telegraph” and listens to the “jungle drums”. This way she knows exactly what is going on and gets offers that nobody else has the advantage of securing. and she passes the deals right on to you.

Ulla has been working with people all her life. Originally she was educated as an RN, but her sense of adventure also led to careers as a tour guide, Danish/Austrian ski instructor, and operator of her own ski charter company.”


– Nancy Terell


“I want to sell adventure and not just vacations. You have worked hard for your vacation and I’ll work even harder to make it the experience of your life! What I tell you might be too good to be true…………..but it is not!!! I never believed in empty promises. In the long run, the best deal is when everybody is happy.”