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VULPINO Yacht Charters

Baked oathmeal with bananas
Green omelet with goath cheese
Fried brown rice with eggs and avocado
Cranberry mozzarela bites
French toast with wild fruits
Citrus fruit salad
Fried bread with eggs and curd

Apple and prosciuto skewers
Black risotto
Smoked octopus salad with green beans
Shrimp balls with mint and chilli souce
Monkfish carpaccio with fennel and radish
Bread sticks with panceta and figgs
Stuffed fried zucchini flowers ( with anchevies and goath cheese) with holandes souce
Scallops with mashed cauliflower
Beef salad with capers
Foccacia with mussels
Quiche with zucchini and salmon
Fish bigne

Artichokes in orange souse
Zucchini and asparagus tartar
Spinach souffle
Bruschetta with Walnut and mushroom pate
Cheese pudding with spinach
Ratatouille with palent
Pumpkin with sezame glaze
Seabass fillet with spinach balls
Seafood risotto with strawberies
Squid with chickpeas and buckwheat Seafood aspic
Shellfish with spinach home made pasta
Monkfish with panceta in sparkling wine souce

Duck on the mediterranean way
Veal medallions in dry figs and almond souce
Beefsteak in whisky souce
Lamb chops with honey mustard souce
Lamb burgers with shallot souce

Whitte Chocolate creme brulee
Orange in mascarpone cream
Oat souffle with apple souce
Elder cake
Pears with chocolate
Cherries tart
Mojito cheesecake