FAQ about private crewed yachts


If you value adventure and pampering away from the masses, a vacation on a private yacht might just be the perfect solution for you. Most people don’t even know that this is an option, so you are already ahead of the game.


Life on a private yacht

WHAT IT IS: Private yachts only operate within small areas like the Virgin Islands, Bahamas, or a part of the Greek islands. You will NOT be boarding in New York, cruising to the Caribbean, and back. You fly into a destination like St. Thomas, USVI in the Caribbean, and join the boat there. We help you select the right yacht and crew depending on your interests and needs. Then you set off for a week of fun in the sun and fly back after an amazing vacation with new and wonderful memories.


There is no fixed itinerary because you and your group will be the only guests on board. You can decide with the captain from day to day where to go next. Go exploring small bays and islands, where no cruise ship can go. You will be sailing for an hour or two in the morning, stopping for lunch and some water sports, hiking or just relaxing, and then sail a little in the afternoon again. You will anchor for the night in a perfectly calm bay and either have an amazing dinner on board – prepared by your private chef – or go ashore to soak up the local vibes.


Monohull underway

Sailing yacht (monohull)

TYPES OF YACHTS: For “newbies” to sailing, I would highly recommend a catamaran. They have lots of room and are very stable and comfortable. They do not heel over like the sailing boats – which some people don’t like. A catamaran is a perfect platform for familiarizing yourself and your family or friends, to be on the water. The sailboats feel more cramped – no matter their size. The cabins are much smaller and the beds take up almost all the room. The living areas and deck space are much bigger on a catamaran, too.


The motor yachts compare the best to your apartment or house, with bigger state- and bathrooms, Jacuzzi on deck, and other thrills. The smallest private yachts only have room for 2 – 4 guests and some can accommodate up to 12. If you have a bigger group, you can always rent 2 boats and travel in tandem.


AMENITIES: All the rooms/cabins have private bathrooms and the yachts have AC, internet, lots of water toys, and anything else you want. Some crews are also water sports and dive instructors or can lead yoga classes. You can also get ashore at any time and go for a hike, check out a beach without 5000 cruise ship passengers, or explore some of the local bars and restaurants. You name it and we will find what you want!



CREW: Each boat has a permanent captain and chef. They live on the boat and bring their own individual touch and experience. They range from people in their 20’s – 60’ and you can see their photos and profiles in the brochures I’ll send you. They come from all walks of life and this is often a second career after selling stocks on Wall Street, running restaurants, being a pilot, teacher, or anything else you can think of. But they all want to make this the best vacation you ever had!


SAFETY: Please understand, that your safety is our first priority! All the yachts are inspected by the authorities, the captains are licensed and all crews are certified in firefighting, medical first aid, and rescue. And they know, that if you do not feel safe, you are not having fun.


KIDS: And YES, kids are more than welcome on private yachts. We know which crew LOVES having children on board and giving them a great time. There are lots for them to do, so don’t worry about them getting bored! And when they are all tuckered out, dreaming about pirates and hidden treasures, you can enjoy a quiet evening on deck watching the stars.


Motor yacht

SEASICKNESS: Don’t worry unless you are uncommonly prone to motion sickness. You will be sailing in protected waters and your captain will know how to keep you comfortable.


DESTINATIONS: You can find private charter yachts almost everywhere in the world, where there is clear blue water. The most popular places are the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, but you can also go to Alaska, and Indonesia, or visit the Norwegian fjords.


HOW TO BOOK A YACHT: My name is Ulla Gotfredsen and I started AMAZING CHARTERS in 2005. I am a certified charter yacht broker and will help you with all the details of booking a crewed yacht. Spending thousands of hours inspecting yachts and interviewing crew, have put me in a great position to offer you a very personalized service. My goal is to help you choose the right boat, with the right crew and amenities in the right destination. You do not pay anything extra for this service, so I am your FREE shopping expert. Just tell me WHEN you want to go, and I will help with the rest. https://www.amazingcharters.com/contact-us/


We help you select the yacht & crew

You’ll have a great crew

FINDING THE RIGHT YACHT: The quickest way to get an overview of destinations and prices, go to this page, select a destination, and CLICK on search. You will then get a list of yachts with prices, photos, etc. The biggest yachts will be on top of that list and the smallest at the bottom.  http://www.amazingcharters.com/yacht-search/


Charters can start any day of the week and last from 4 days to as long as you want. The prices in the e-brochures are for 7 days/nights, which is the average duration.


RATES: In the Caribbean, the charter fee usually includes all meals, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), taxes and expenses of running the boat, and use of water sports equipment. The only extras are gratuity – which is customary 10 – 20% – and what you buy ashore. Prices start at about $3000 per person per week ALL INCL., but of course, it depends on the boat. Please CLICK HERE for a quick overview of costs.


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VIDEO: See what to expect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_fi25KTXy8


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