Cruising in Croatia




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Find your own bay in CroatiaFew people were paying much attention to the islands and coast line of Croatia when it was still part of Yugoslavia, but since it has emerged as an independent country, this has changed dramatically. It has been re-build and restored and besides all its other charms, it is a sailors Paradise.


Situated on the Adriatic coast between Italy and Montenegro it has more than 1000 islands and a coastline of almost 4000 miles. There are so many bays and coves that you will never see them all even if you visit every year, and quaint towns and villages with friendly people makes it an amazing experience. The Dalmatian coast between Split and Dubrovnik is a great place to plan your charter and it can easily be combined with other interests as food, wine and history.


Croatian fishermanIt has been the playground for the rich and beautiful for more than 2000 years and you can find everything between Roman palaces and Venetian towns. The menu is also influenced by all the conquerors and you will find flavors from Italy, Greece and many other Mediterranean cultures. Anything from fancy gourmet restaurants to small family enterprises, which only serves one dish for dinner,  is part of the adventure and there are many big and small vineyards, where you can try the local wines.


Split is a fascinating city and the 1700 year old palace built by the Roman emperor Diocletian is amazingly well preserved. Another place you might want to spend a few days is the old walled city of Dubrovnik, which dates back more than 1500 years. So if possible take a few days on land before you start your vacation on the water.


There are many advantages to chartering a crewed yacht in the area and one of them is that your crew will also be your guides and take you to some to some of these “off-the-beaten-track” places. With so many places to choose from it can be difficult to choose, but here are some of the most important:


View of DubrovnicVis was the former ruler, General Tito’s military base and the island was not opened to tourists until 1990. There are several wineries on the islands and beautiful bays to relax and enjoy.


Don’t forget to stop at the little island of Biševo and visit the marvelous Blue Grotto when you set off to the nearby island of Hvar. It is completely different as it is Croatia’s version of St. Tropez so if you are looking for parties and night clubs that is the place! You can stay in the most beautiful marina in Croatia, Palmizana, which is a natural harbor with transparent blue water in the middle of the Park of Nature Pakleni Islands.


Sea urchins are a delicatesseAn absolute “must see” is the island of Korcula with its old town founded by the Venetians, which is supposed to be the birthplace of the adventurer Marco Polo in 1254.


In the evening you can see the famous Moreska sword dance or settle in one of the many excellent bars overlooking the city walls sipping a glass of wine and trying the raw sea urchin roe which is considered a delicacy.


Croatia is also a great destination for bareboats, but marinas are expensive and you will have to be careful when laying your anchor and make sure it is set well. Besides that, enjoy…….


There is so much to see and do, so CONTACT US and let us help you find the right yacht and crew and go exploring!



Click here for a list of monohulls & catamarans & catamarans    Click here for a list of motor yachts    Click here for a list of motor sailers & gulets