Golf in Antigua, Nevis & St. Kitts



Day 1: The crew welcomes you aboard your chosen yacht in a beautiful bay on the North side of Antigua. It has been a long day of traveling and after a delicious lunch you relax on the yacht, go swimming and enjoy the scenery. The chef serves you a wonderful dinner and you finally start to wind down and enjoy your vacation.


Golf in St. MaartenDay 2: You are ready for new adventures and set off for “Cedar Valley Golf Club” situated in the hills of north-western Antigua. Even if you are used to walking a course, it might be a good idea to rent a golf cart! If you are sharing your vacation with anybody who still hasn’t discovered the wonders of golf, they can go to the beach, make an excursion to St. Johns or just enjoy the peace and high-end service on the yacht. Early afternoon you all meet back at the yacht and the crew hoist the sails…….. you are off to another perfect anchorage. As the light dwindles you meet in the cockpit for “Sundowners” talking about your different adventures.


Day 3: Cruising down the western side of Antigua, stopping at Five Islands for lunch and a swim. In the afternoon you set off again and anchor near Jolly Harbour. After a delicious dinner you can go ashore and try your luck at the casino or just lay on deck watching the stars.


Day 4: In the morning you play the golf course with its seven lakes and lush vegetation, designed by Karl Litton. In the afternoon you all make an excursion to Lord Nelson’s Dockyard in English Harbour, which is being restored to its former glory.


Relax in a hammock Day 5: The next day you set sails for Nevis and instead of wasting half the day at the airport, everybody is enjoying the sight of the active volcano on the nearby island of Montserrat, launching on deck with a pink drink in your hand. After 5-6 hours the captain anchor in the lee of Nevis and everybody jumps in the water taking turns water skiing and paddling around in the kayaks. Finally everyone gathers in the cockpit hoping to see the Caribbean “green flash” and wondering what delicacies your chef will be presenting today.


Day 6: In the morning you are off to the Four Seasons Resort Golf Course designed by Robert Trent Jones II. It is hard to keep you eye on the ball, as the the views are amazing and when an employee drives up and gives you a ice cold towel to wipe your hot face, you know you are in “Golf-Heaven”….well almost! At the 14. hole you discover a hazard you have never heard about before as a green monkey rushes out of the bushes, snatches you ball and disappears! Back at the yacht it occurs that you partner had an even better time after being pampered at the spa all day.


A great adventure for the whole familyDay 7: You heave anchor in the morning and sail the short hop to neighboring St. Kitts. After a fabulous lunch on board, you are off to the much renowned Royal St. Kitts Golf Club. This is one of the most famous golf courses in the Caribbean overlooking both the Caribbean and the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Boasting 88 bunkers and water hazards on most of the holes, it brings you in all kind of troubles! Back on the yacht, your partner is completely over the moon after having toured the island, exploring the beaches and diving for the first time! All in all, a more relaxing version of bunkers and water hazards! This trip was original planned as a golf trip for your benefit, but you are starting to wonder who is enjoying it the most.


Day 8: Breakfasting on eggs Benedict and Mimosas on the final day. Your hosts might surprises you by giving you a CD with photos they have taken during your vacation: teeing off in Antigua, your spouse behind the wheel steering you through the waves and best of all – the vista of the islands! A fantastic memory of a vacation you would never forget anyway.


If you have the time and inclination, you can continue to St. Barts and play the golf courses on St. Maarten and Anguilla.