Yacht Charter Destinations


So now that you have decided that chartering a yacht might provide you with some amazing experiences, next thing to ponder is where to go. The Mediterranean and Caribbean are by far the most popular yacht charter destinations and have hundreds of yachts of all sizes and prices, but you can charter as far away as Greenland and the South Pacific as well.


Shades of blue in the CaribbeanFor the winter the Caribbean becomes the center of most of the activity and the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is the epicenter from mid November until late April. The Grenadines in south west of the area is also a popular spot and Antigua, St. Maarten and St. Barts are also popular spots, especially for bigger yachts. If you want something authentic and very different, we highly recommend the San Blas Islands on the coast of Panama where you will find the fascinating culture of the Kuna Indians.


Whales can be seen in the CaribbeanBy April the activity spreads out and many of the yachts move up to the coast New England where they stay for the summer. The Bahamas and Florida Keys are also popular summer destinations and only a short hop from the American mainland, which even makes long weekends a viable option. Another great option for the summer is chartering in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest which will be a completely different and mind blowing experience! If you want to go even further north, there are also some limited options in Greenland and Norway.



Italy is a great charters destinationHowever, most of us love to bask in the sun and in the Mediterranean you can combine this with great food, wine and other amazing cultural experiences. The South of France has always been popular, but there are so many other options. Set off towards the island of Corsica and cruise south to the Italian island of Sardinia. Both islands have basically been ignored for centuries and offer some unspoiled towns and interesting traditions. The coast of Italy is completely underestimated as a cruising destination and has everything to offer from the 2000 year old ruins of Pompeii to an amazing variation of food and wine and places like Capri and the Amalfi coast.


Italy is a great charters destinationCroatia and Montenegro are extremely popular these days and it really is a magical place with more than 1100 islands, old cities a breath taking nature. The timeless Greek islands are still as popular with foreigners as it was 2000 years ago. Like jewels they dot the waters with snow while little towns and in many places the donkey as just as important in the transport system as back then. If you are considering a charter in the Greek islands, are there anyway, do not miss out on a trip to Turkey which I’m sure you will not regret!