Family Yacht Charters


. . . a vacation with something for everyone.


If you wish to do something special, adventurous, fun and safe with your kids – and maybe even grandparents – a family yacht charter could be the perfect solution for your next vacation.


Pirates of the CaribbeanTo watch your children play with the crew, squealing with delight – while you relax and enjoy – makes the world a perfect place. Besides all the water toys, the yachts also have beach games and a treasure hunt can easily be arranged. You can hunt for lizards – which look like the one they know from the Geico ads – and watch the colorful fish when snorkeling.


It is a totally safe vacation and you will quickly notice, that having a professional crew supervising the kids while playing in the water, will give you an added sense of security. And let’s face it, kids are often more attentive to advise and instructions from others than their parents, right?


The chef will cater to everyone's wishesWhat makes family yacht charters so special is that you have the same crew 24/7 and we help you find the best match. Do you want a catamaran or a motor yacht, a young and energetic crew or somebody older? Are you bringing your mother-in-law from Austria and need somebody who speaks German? Almost any need and wish can be accommodated to keep your family happy; just ask!


Kids usually get very high priority on family vacations, but it is your vacation too, right? The crewed yachts offer lots of activities for grow-ups as well as kids with anything from diving to yoga, spa treatments to gourmet food. With a private chef, the kids’ food preferences will not force you to eat hamburgers they want. You can still have the rack of lamb or seafood pasta you have been dreaming about all day.


Fun for all ages….and bring your parents as well! Gone are the days when grandparents would sit quietly in a rocking chair smiling benevolently at their grandkids! That generation is full of life, fit and energetic and they will probably be game for a trip on the tube screaming with delight together with the youngest generation, go hiking, water skiing or join in the competition of who can make the biggest splash jumping into the water.



This is the best multi-generational vacation ever invented!!!



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