Crewed Yacht Charters

Crewed yacht charters are fantastic adventures that you will never forget, but the fact that you can actually charter a yacht just for you and your partner, family or any other group, is probably the best-kept secret in the travel industry!

Free report!!! Sea versus land 5 things you must know to plan your trip.Are you looking for that very special vacation to celebrate your honeymoon or milestone wedding anniversary? Are you trying to arrange the perfect vacation for 3 generations that everybody will enjoy? Are you planning a romantic getaway or going kite-surfing with friends?  Do you want to explore the hidden Caribbean golf courses with friends or the whole golf club?

A crewed yacht charter can be the ideal solution for all these venues. Almost anything is possible, just ask! One of the best things about crewed yacht vacations is that it is possible to accommodate guests with many diversified interests at the same time.

Let the chef pamper your palete We help you with even the smallest details. We will find a yacht which suits the size of your group and with the amenities that are important to you like Internet, waters toys, dive instruction etc.

Before your charter we will also ask you to fill out a preference sheet so when you arrive everything will be prepared to your satisfaction. The chef will make sure to have a mouth watering menu planned around the things you like and the bar will be stocked with your favorites as well.

Explore quiet baysWhen you charter a crewed yacht you get to choose the hotel, the staff, the menu and your activities. On top of this, you can even move your “Floating Boutique Hotel” to new and interesting locations; start the day playing golf in Anguilla and go shopping in St. Maarten in the afternoon if you are in the Caribbean or have breakfast in France and dinner in Italy while in the Med.

The journey becomes the vacation since you can visit many places without ever packing or moving hotel.

Hired crew runs most yachts, but some of the smaller boats are owner operated. The crew will go out of their way to make your vacation as perfect as possible. This is not a 9 –5 job and they all love what they are doing and enjoy introducing new guests to the world of yachting.

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