How much does it cost?


Yes, this is the big question: What does it cost to charter a crewed private yacht and what is included?


We have based this overview on all incl. rates in the Caribbean with the exceptions that are mentioned.


Weekly charter cost
all incl. except gratuity
options and # of guests
Sailing yachts
options and # of guests
Motor yachts
options # of guests
$10,000Very few up to 4 guestsSome up to 4none
$12,500Very few up to 6 guestsSome up to 6none
$15,000Several up to 6 guestsSome up to 6Very few up to 4
$20,000Many up to 6 guests
Few for 8 guests
Several up to 6 guestsSome up to 4
$25,000Very few up to 10
Many up to 8
Several up to 6 guestsSome up to 6
$30,000Several up to 10
Lots up to 8
Several up to 6 guestsSome up to 6
$40,000Several up to 10Some up to 8 guestsSome up to 8
$60,000Very few up to 12**Some up to 8 guests *
Some up to 8 *
$85,000 +Very few up to 12**Some up to 10 guests *
Some up to 10 *
** Very few catamarans are
built to take 12 guests.
* plus all expenses* plus all expenses


What is all-inclusive? In this industry, it means, that the charter fee includes all meals, drinks (incl. alcohol)  taxes & permits, expenses of running the boat and use of water sports equipment. So there will be no unpleasant surprises and you will not arrive back home to mountains of credit card bills. In the Caribbean, most yachts up to 80′ are all incl.


The charter fee does not include premium beverages, fine wines, excursions on land etc. So if you cannot live without champagne and vintage vines, this will be extra.


Gratuity: If you have been happy with the service, a 10-20% gratuity is highly appreciated by the crew, but that is at your discretion.


In other destinations, the charter fee is usually “plus all expenses”. This is paid as an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) of 20 – 35% of the charter fee. This allowance is to cover fuel (including generators), food & drinks, dockage, and all other expenses. At the end of the charter, the captain will go through the bills with you and settle the difference.


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