Captaining your own boat gives you the ultimate freedom to plan your sailing vacation exactly the way you want it – and to change your mind three times a day! The Caribbean and the Mediterranean are the most popular places for chartering bareboats, but you can basically rent bareboats as far as Australia, Thailand and anywhere else and we will be happy to help you.


Shades of blue in the CaribbeanIn the Caribbean the British Virgin Islands (BVI) are by far the most popular destination and with very good reason! The winds are out of the NE – SE which protect the waters between Tortola and the outer islands from any big swells or wave action. It is very easy to navigate and you are never out of sight of land. 60 islands and cays offer more than 100 anchorages and it is perfect for a relaxing sailing vacation for those who likes shorter sails or are chartering for the first time.


Another popular destination for bareboating is the Grenadines between St. Vincent and Grenada in the SE Caribbean. There are 32 islands and the distances are longer so you have time to really fine tune your sails and it is also possible to arrange one-way trips.


Italy is a great charters destinationIn Europe we have decided to focus on the west-coast of Italy which offers some amazing places. You can explore the Amalfi coast and enjoy a cappuccino in the square og of an old and picturesque town and visit the nearby islands. Or you can sail south to the Lipari Islands or Ustica north of Sicily and find places which has hardly changed in hundreds of years. However, there are many other popular destinations in the Mediterranean and especially Croatia, Greece and Turkey are very popular.


In most places you can charter catamarans, sailing and motor yachts and they come in all sizes. There are very few bareboat motor yachts in the Caribbean where the catamarans and sailboats are much more popular. Sailboats can be found from 32′ and up, but it is the catamarans which are taking over more and more of the market and they can be up to 60′. In Europe there is a much bigger choice in motor yachts and monohulls, though the catamarans are getting more and more popular in the Mediterranean as well.


While marinas are more used in the Med, anchoring and mooring buoys are the way to go in the Caribbean where you can just jump over the side into the warm and clean blue water. All boats come with a dinghy/outboard so it is easy to get to shore.


The marine life is greatMany great sailors have never done a formal sailing course in their life, but when you charter a bareboat in the Caribbean, your experience is the most important. We will ask you for a sailing resume, but in some European countries you need a captains license as well no matter how experienced you are. Just ask and we will tell you the local requirements.



Please contact us for more information…..and remember, that we will be happy to arrange a trip for your whole sailing club as well.